The adverse effects of smoking marijuana


Smoking marijuana could be a fun activity, but we wonder what the possible consequences are. Sometimes, marijuana can do more damage than we think. That is why we should be aware of the adverse effects of smoking marijuana. It is the first step for changing opinion about this harmful substance.

A possibility of addiction

dd74ddsdOne marijuana pot a week might be the usual habit of many people. At the same time, it could mean a real addiction where you can not resist the habit. Over the longer period of time, this usage can become even more often and the result is a strong addiction. The body simply craves for more drugs and the brain sends information about the need for smoking. Everything might end with symptoms of addiction like body shaking and strange thinking. This situation requires an immediate help from professionals.

Brain damage

Reducing of brain cells is one of the adverse effects of smoking marijuana. Many studies show that the main ingredient in marijuana, THC damages the brain during the usage of this drug. Even one pot can be harmful to brain cells. In addition, all other brain functions are diminished. Thinking, feeling emotions and memory tasks are more difficult among people who smoke marijuana. This affects habits in behavior and sometimes, users become aggressive towards the people around them. The brain is changed, and the results are obvious.

Infertility is present

Both men and women face the problem of infertility while smoking marijuana. Male users can feel less ability to get an erection. This can affect self-confidence in a huge amount. At the same time, the quality of sperm is lower because of harmful effects of THC. When we speak about women, they also feel the consequences. If they smoke continuously, they may become infertile and unable to get pregnant. Sometimes they start smoking marijuana during the pregnancy, which can lead to many complications. Congenital disabilities are more frequent, and babies can be born with many problems.

Final thoughts

ddd874All these facts are the adverse effects of smoking marijuana, and people should know them before starting with this habit. It is important to mention that health problems are more serious among marijuana smokers. The damage to the whole body is present, and it is obvious after first months of usage. The brain and the body suffer a lot in the moments when you smoke marijuana. For that reason, the best option is not to start with this kind of habit.

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