Negative Effects of Smocking to your Body


The most paramount thing to look into in life is your health. With unhealthy body, you are going nowhere. Excessive smoking is harmful to your health. Some people may not understand the effects of smoking due to their ignorance. No sooner their bodies shows some of the bad signs and symptoms of smoking than they come to their attention that smoking is harmful. All cigarettes you smoke is harmful and may go beyond causing permanent damage. Take a look at some of the bad effects of smoking on your body.


smokingContinuous Coughing

Smoking may cause persistent coughing. A cough that will take a long time than a usual cough. You will cough all the day, but it doesn’t go away. Smoking will lead to chest congestion that will make you cough for a long period. When you smoke for a longer period, your body will be exposed to a chronic smocking cough. In some cases, it comes as a dry cough, and it may even continue after quitting the drug.
Unhealthy Teeth

Most smokers will have tooth decay which is not healthy in your body. Not all tooth decay is a result of smoking, but according to researchers, addictive smoking will always result in tooth decay. Also, the cigarette will change the color of your teeth to black and some brown. Every individual will be happy to have strong and white teeth. Heath’s teeth give courage for a better smile, and it will build confidence among your friends.
Body Addiction

The nicotine in a cigarette is highly addictive. Being addicted means, it is hard for you to keep from smoking for some hours. Some people cannot do without smoking which is not healthy for your body. When the body gets used to addiction, it will be hard to confront the issue again. Prolonged smoking may damage a lot of organs in the body and may go beyond death. The body immunity too will be low, and your body can easily get exposed to diseases.
Lung Cancer

There is a high risk of developing lung cancer when you smoke. According to research, lung cancer is the common cause of death to those who smoke. It damages the cell that lines the lungs. Cigarette smoke contains cancer-causing substances in that When you inhale, the lung tissue changes immediately. To avoid the risk of lung cancer disease, quit smoking and you will be on a safer side.
Loss of Appetite

Smoking may make you feel that all food are tasteless. Once you cannot find the taste in food, you will never enjoy that food. You will keep on keeping meals, and finally, your body will not be strong due to lack of balanced diet in the body. It is not heath at all to get used to one type of food.

smoking guyConclusion

Smocking does a lot of bad effects in our bodies. We should look for a way to do away with using such kind of drugs. If you feel that quitting is hard, seek doctors advice on how to quit smoking. Our health comes first. Therefore, we should not give in to toxic substances to enter our bodies.

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