Dry Eyes

People with eye problems who use contact lens experience dry eyes. Getting through day becomes awful due to the irritation caused by the dry eyes. You can help the situation by studying when this happens which help you prevent it.

Here are some tips to help avoid dry eyes


Mind your surrounding

Regardless of where you live, the air around is bound to be dry at some point. You are advised to close your eyes frequently to reduce moisture loss by your eyes. Additionally, you can use solution to rewet your lenses when they start to dry.


Avoid smoking or smoke

Smoking is exceedingly bad for your eyes. Usually, smoke irritates the eyes. This is because smoke removes moisture from the environment thus drying your eyes and lenses. Smoking also leads to eye disorders like cataracts and glaucoma.


Wear sunglassesdsfdsgfdgfhgghjjhkjkjlkjlk

If your eyes often dry out, it is advisable always to wear sunglasses. These glasses block sun rays and winds. This will help keep your eyes moist for a better part of the day.


Set eyes below screen

When using a computer always keep your eyes below the screen. If your eyes are above the screen, they tend to open wider to see the screen well. Setting them lower allows them to relax. This will reduce drying up of the tears and go a long way keeping them moist.


Avoid direct air blowing to your eyes

Devices such as hair dryers and air conditioners, when put on, tend to blow air directly into your eyes. These eventually dries up your lenses and consequently your eyes. This is because they condense the humidity of the room reducing the moisture content of the air around. After a short while, your eyes start to irritate making you uncomfortable.


Frequently use eye drops

If yoghghgfjfghjfghdfgdkjghjfghjfdghfjhgkhgur eyes persistently dry up, then rewetting drops will be a solution. You can use the drops even when your eyes are not yet dried up. This is helpful to avoid discomfort caused by eyes drying up prior. These drops also ensure lenses are well moist hence easier to remove without discomfort.

For you to have a good vision, you should provide proper eye maintenance. The above tips will go a long way in helping you maintain the condition of your eyes. If this persists you are advised to see an eye doctor to give you the best prescription for a lens