Tips For A Good Back Massage


When you have had a long day probably tired from office work, you will most likely want a massage. For advance back massage you may require a professional training. A fulfilling and effective back massage is, however, possible even without professional training. There are some necessary skills needed to help you give a good massage.


Important tips to giving a good back massage


Select a comfortable location

To get the best access to someone’s back, you should consider a massage ffgfgfhghgjhgjhkjjklktable appropriate. Using a massage table builds comfort and gives a suitable orientation of your spine. Alternatives to this can be the floor, couch or bed, usable where there is no table. Choose a place that makes your client comfortable and you too find appropriate.


Employ muscle lifting technique

To achieve this technique, the thumb, and the three center fingers hold the tissues. The area between the thumb and index finger gets in touch with the skin to sustain the degree of this effect. Here the tissues are compacted against the structures underneath, raised, squeezed then released. This sequence of manipulation is done best in an organized pulsing manner.


Apply Petrissage method

This method involves using short circular strokes. This involves applying more pressure and rolling so as to achieve deeper circulations. Here you can make use of just your fingertips, knuckles or palms to rolling around the back.


Apply quality twists

Here you will need to get back and around the person’s side. You can also reach to their far hips using one hand that could be resting on your near hip. This is achieved effectively by drawing one hand towards you and pushing the other hand to the opposite direction. Two hands may also be used here to give a squeezing action.


Pour massage oil and smear around

Take a teaspoon of masgdfghgjjkjhjgfgdfdfggfhhgjjhksage oil and pour on your palm before rubbing it on your fingers. Spreading oil around better known as effleurage means applying light friction. Here you use whole hands and as well start massage by initiating upward motion. These oils can be almond, grape seed or coconut oils.

Practice makes perfect and as such the above if put into practice give a better result. Trying out these tips will make you an excellent masseur. These can help you build your massage skills to the level of a trained professional even without necessarily being trained.