Jeph Loeb Bio
Joseph (Jeph) Loeb III
Began reading comics in the summer of 1970.
Had a letter published in Marvel's Amazing Adventures #9 shortly afterwards.
Hid dad bought him an entire run of Marvel comics from 1961 to 1970 from Tom Chicarella (who was from Brooklyn)in the winter of '70.
His dad then photocopied all Tom's favorite issues and mailed the copies to him so he could still read them.
His stepdad was a vice-president at Brandeis University, which led him to meet Elliot Maggin while in high school.
Graduated from Columbia University with a BA and a Masters in Film.
Studied film under Milos Forman and Paul Schraeder.
During the eighties, he made several motion pictures with partner Matt Weisman, including Commando, Burglar, and Teen Wolf. (Later made the film Firestorm.)
Was contacted about the possibility of a Flash movie by Jennette Khan, then editor-in-chief of DC comics.
Wrote a miniseries starring the Challengers of the Unknown in 1992, his first work in comics and the beginning of his collaboration with Tim Sale.
Editor Archie Goodwin read it, liked it, and involved the two in creating a story for Legends of the Dark Knight which eventually became the first Halloween special, Choices (later changing its name to Fears). Two more Halloween specials, Madness and Ghosts, followed.
Wrote for the X-Men at Marvel for over a year (during Age of Apocalypse). Worked on Cable and X-Force and co-created X-Man.
Liefeld followed his work on Cable, brought him onto Capt. America and Avengers for a time.
Helped form Awesome Entertainment with Liefeld, where he was publisher.
Created TLH in 1996 and 1997.
Currently executive producer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated series and supervising producer of Smallville.
Currently writing Superman/Batman and Catwoman: When in Rome.
Upcoming projects include Supergirl monthly with Ian Churchill debuting in summer 2005.

Mr. Loeb & the crack research team at Comicology put together the following checklist of the writer's comics work. All of the credits are for full plotting & scripting unless otherwise noted.

  • 9-11 vol. 2 (DC) short story
  • Action Comics Annual #5 (DC)
  • The Avengers #2-7 (Marvel, second series)
  • Awesome Holiday Special #1 (Awesome)
  • Batman #608-619 (DC, began in October 2002)
  • Batman: Dark Victory #0, #1-13 (DC)
  • Batman: Choices - Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special (DC)
  • Batman: Ghosts - Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special (DC)
  • Batman: Madness - Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special (DC)
  • Batman: Haunted Knight TPB (DC, collects LOTDK Specials)
  • Batman The Long Halloween #1-13 (DC, available in collected edition)
  • Battle Chasers #1, 4 (Image/WildStorm/Cliffhanger) - Uncredited dialogue
  • Cable #15, #17-39 (Marvel)
  • Captain America #1-6, #12 (Marvel- second series) script only over Rob Liefeld on early issues
  • Catwoman: When in Rome #1-6 (DC, currently in production)
  • Challengers of the Unknown #1-8 (DC) - first comics work
  • Coven #1-6 (Awesome, first series)
  • Coven #1-3 (Awesome, second series)
  • Coven: Black & White #1 (Awesome)
  • Coven: Dark Origins #1 (Awesome)
  • Coven/Fantom Special (Awesome)
  • Coven/Kaboom Special (Awesome)
  • Daredevil: Yellow #1-6 (Marvel, available in collected edition)
  • The Darkness/Batman (DC & Image/Top Cow) - with Scott Lobdell
  • The Savage Dragon #50 (Image/Highbrow) - Kaboom story
  • Fantastic Four (Marvel, third series)
  • Fighting American #1-2 (first Awesome series)
  • Fighting American: Rules of the Game #1-3 (Awesome)
  • Generation X #8 (Marvel) - uncredited dialogue over Scott Lobdell
  • Generation X ‘95 Annual (Marvel)
  • Heroes Reborn #1/2 (Marvel & Wizard)
  • Hip Flask #1/2 Comic-Con Preview (Active Images) - script over Richard Alan
  • Hulk: Grey #1-6 (Marvel, available in collected edition)
  • The Savage Hulk #1 (Marvel) - short story
  • Iron Man #7-12 (Marvel, second series)
  • JLA: Our Worlds At War (DC)
  • Justice League Task Force #9 (DC)
  • Kaboom #1-3 (Awesome, first series)
  • Kaboom #1-3 (Aweswome, second series)
  • Kaboom Prelude (Awesome)
  • Lionheart #1-present (Awesome) - with Ian Churchill
  • Loose Cannon #1-4 (DC)
  • Re:Gex #0 #1 (Awesome)
  • Showcase ‘94 #5 (DC) - Loose Cannon story
  • Spiderman: Blue #1-6 (Marvel)
  • Superman #15l-184 (DC, second series)
  • Superman-Batman #1-current (DC, series began in January 2003)
  • Superman: For All Seasons #1-4 (DC, available in collected edition)
  • WildCATS/X Men: The Golden Age (Marvel & Image/WildStorm, available in collected edtion) - uncredited dialogue over Scott Lobdell
  • The Witching Hour #1-3 (DC/Vertigo)
  • Vampirella #18 (Harris) - short story, tribute to Archie Goodwin
  • Wolverine ‘96 Annual (Marvel)
  • Wolverine/Gambit: Victims #1-3 (Marvel, available in collected edition)
  • World's Finest: Our Worlds At War (DC)
  • X-Force #46-61 (Marvel)
  • X-Force & Cable ‘95 Annual (Marvel)
  • X-Man #1-9 (Marvel)
  • X-Men: Road to Onslaught (Marvel)
  • X-Men: Askani’Son #1-4 (Marvel) -with Scott Lobdell
  • The Astonishing X-Men #3 (Marvel)
  • The Uncanny X-Men #320-321, #329-330 (Marvel) - dialogue over Scott Lobdell
  • The Uncanny X-Men Annual #12 (Marvel)

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