Written by Jeph Loeb

Artwork by Tim Sale

Colors by Gregory Wright

Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft

Separations by Heroic Age

Spoiler Warning!

In the pages ahead you will find summaries of each of the thirteen issues of the Batman miniseries, The Long Halloween. If you have not already read the series, you are in danger of having many plot points ruined for you if you continue reading. I strongly urge you to go out, pick up a copy of the miniseries (now available in TPB!) and read it first before visiting this site.

The information provided on this site is not intended to be a substitute for actually reading the series itself. Rather, this site is intended to be a reference for those who have already read and enjoyed the series. Visiting this site is like reading the Cliff Notes for a novel. They are meant to be used by those who have already read the novel as a study guide, a tool towards further understanding of the novel, or just as a refresher course in what key events took place and which characters are involved. The same is true of this site. If you expect this site to fill in for actually reading The Long Halloween, you are really missing out on a great series.

Individual Issues

Clicking on the Tim Sale icon above will take you to my good pal DeForgeo's website, which deals heavily with the artwork of Tim Sale and features quite a number of images from throughout Tim's career.


Keep an eye out for the following features, which should be popping up onto the site in the near future:
  • a who's who of all the characters involved in The Long Halloween
  • a timeline on how these events fit into continuity (if you wanna give me your take before I outline mine, sign the guestbook and let me know)
  • biographical information on the creative team, including staff listings for Comicraft and Heroic Age
  • the Albertist POV
  • Batman as monomyth
  • Dark Victory covers and very brief issue summaries
  • Oh and since I'm going to Wizard World and meeting Jeph the weekend of July 5-7, I hope to soon have pictures up of me and him, as well as scans of any autographs I may get.

Additions or corrections to the site, especially to the annotations, are appreciated, no matter how minute. If you notice something wrong or missing, please sign the guestbook below and let me know!

I'd like to thank those who contributed to my page:

  • Ben Rossi helped a lot by letting me steal his scans of the covers
  • my friend Jared let me use his scanner
  • Deforgeo gave me the TLH trade intro, as well as lots of other input
  • Killer Smile wrote the Gildist POV
  • Obiwnajm did the analyses of several of the "other works"
  • Eduardo saved the "Was Gilda Irrational/Holiday?" threads from oblivion
  • all the other folks at the DC Message Boards
  • and I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale for producing such a great series.

Ackowledgement of Sources

This series, Batman: The Long Halloween, is tm and of DC Comics (1996/1997). The story discussed and artwork displayed on the following pages is their property and should not be used for the personal gain of others. Batman and all related characters, their distinctive likenesses and related indicia are trademarks of DC Comics. All Rights Reserved. The stories, incidents, and characters depicted within these pages are entirely fictional.

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