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Tips On Detoxing For Good Health

detox with food

Detoxing is not something that you do once in a while after the holidays. It is advisable to limit the intake of foods or substances that can affect your health negatively. However, it is still a good idea to do a detox once in a while to keep your body in good condition. You can read a Stinger Detox review to learn more about detoxing.

When it comes to detoxing, some foods can help you with detoxing. It all starts with your diet, as well as what you are feeding your mind. Detoxing should be for your mind as well as for your body. Here are some detoxing tips for good health:

Stay Hydrated

detox tipsStaying hydrated is the best thing that you can do when trying to detox. The best way to stay hydrated is to take at least two liters of water per day. Drinking enough water will help you to flush out all the toxins from your body.

Water is a natural detox, and it can help you eliminate all the toxins from your body without any adverse side effects. At this time, you might go to the toilet more often as your body is trying to eliminate everything.

Cut Out Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol should be eliminated from your diet if you are trying to detox. Excessive caffeine makes the body to overwork since you are always on high alert.

Alcohol, on the other hand, affects the normal working of the body. If you want to reset your body to normal functioning, it is advisable to cut down caffeine and alcohol or stop taking them altogether.

Include Whole Foods

detoxingEating a diet of whole foods can help you with detoxing. It is important to take foods that will heal your digestions. Sometimes detoxing is important so that you can heal your gut.

The best thing about whole foods is that they fasten the digestion process. Whole foods have high fiber content and can be great for bowel movements to detox. Limiting processed foods and taking whole foods can go a long way in natural detoxing.

Get Active

Detoxing is not just about the type of food that you eat. It is also about your overall health. It is important to live an active lifestyle so that you improve your health.

You can stay active by taking a walk every day or engaging in other activities like cycling or swimming. Staying active is good for your overall health, apart from detoxing.

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Various surgeries that help in weight loss


Obesity is as a result of being overweight. There are various ways of losing weight that one can use to achieve their desired healthy weight. Among the surgeries one can undergo, bariatric surgery will help one in losing weight hence lowering the many risks of health problems which are as a result of being overweight. The surgery works by restriction and malabsorption.

By restriction, it means that the surgery is done to limit how much food the stomach can hold hence one eats very few calories. By malabsorption, the surgery shortens the small intestines hence reduces the calories absorbed by the body. Here are the various surgeries that help in weight loss.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

ghjghjghjghjghgfhgfhDoctors create a small porch on the upper side of the stomach. It will be the only part that will be receiving the food which helps in limiting the food one can eat or drink at a time. The food is then directed to the small intestine at the lower part of the main stomach. The other part of the small intestine is reattached to the main stomach to allow the digestive juices flow to the small intestine. Because of this process, the food only passes through a smaller portion of the intestine making fewer calories to be absorbed.

Gastric banding through laparoscopic surgery

This surgery involves placement of a band having a balloon placed on the upper stomach parts. Doing this is meant to create a smaller stomach pouch that is above the band having a narrow opening to the stomach. A port is then placed under the abdomen’s skin to connect to the band. Injection or removal of fluid via the port makes the balloon be inflated or deflated. The banding is meant to restrict the amount of food the stomach will be able to hold.

Sleeve gastrectomy

Here, some stomach parts are separated and removed from the body. These parts that remain are then made into a structure that looks like a tube. This smaller stomach is not able to hold so much food. It is also noted that this procedure is meant to reduce the production of ghrelin which is an appetite-regulating hormone hence lessening the desire to eat. One should also note that the absorption of food is not affected by this procedure.

Biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgjFor this surgery, larger stomach parts are removed by a surgeon. However, the valve that releases food to the small intestine and the duodenum are left. A section of the intestine is closed off in the middle, and the other stomach parts are reconnected to the duodenum to act as the duodenal switch. The section of the intestine removed is reattached to the last part of the intestine to allow the digestive juices flow into the stomach making it the biliopancreatic diversion.

Due to these changes, the food bypasses a bigger portion of the intestines hence the nutrients absorbed are limited. The size of the stomach having being reduced goes a long way in helping with weight loss.

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The adverse effects of smoking marijuana


Smoking marijuana could be a fun activity, but we wonder what the possible consequences are. Sometimes, marijuana can do more damage than we think. That is why we should be aware of the adverse effects of smoking marijuana. It is the first step for changing opinion about this harmful substance.

A possibility of addiction

dd74ddsdOne marijuana pot a week might be the usual habit of many people. At the same time, it could mean a real addiction where you can not resist the habit. Over the longer period of time, this usage can become even more often and the result is a strong addiction. The body simply craves for more drugs and the brain sends information about the need for smoking. Everything might end with symptoms of addiction like body shaking and strange thinking. This situation requires an immediate help from professionals.

Brain damage

Reducing of brain cells is one of the adverse effects of smoking marijuana. Many studies show that the main ingredient in marijuana, THC damages the brain during the usage of this drug. Even one pot can be harmful to brain cells. In addition, all other brain functions are diminished. Thinking, feeling emotions and memory tasks are more difficult among people who smoke marijuana. This affects habits in behavior and sometimes, users become aggressive towards the people around them. The brain is changed, and the results are obvious.

Infertility is present

Both men and women face the problem of infertility while smoking marijuana. Male users can feel less ability to get an erection. This can affect self-confidence in a huge amount. At the same time, the quality of sperm is lower because of harmful effects of THC. When we speak about women, they also feel the consequences. If they smoke continuously, they may become infertile and unable to get pregnant. Sometimes they start smoking marijuana during the pregnancy, which can lead to many complications. Congenital disabilities are more frequent, and babies can be born with many problems.

Final thoughts

ddd874All these facts are the adverse effects of smoking marijuana, and people should know them before starting with this habit. It is important to mention that health problems are more serious among marijuana smokers. The damage to the whole body is present, and it is obvious after first months of usage. The brain and the body suffer a lot in the moments when you smoke marijuana. For that reason, the best option is not to start with this kind of habit.

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